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Don’t listen to us.

Hear what our clients have to say.

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Don’t listen to us.

Hear what our clients have to say.

We go above and beyond for our clients and not because they pay us.

We genuinely like the people we work with—those folks who run honest, ethical, and hardworking companies such as our own. Together we’re changing the industry and building long-lasting partnerships based on mutual trust and integrity.


The Greentree team understands and adapts to our ever-changing business needs.

“They are familiar with our customers and delivery requirements so the delivery process is always smooth. We rely heavily on Greentree’s capacity and its dispatchers and customer service reps. If we encounter a problem they find a solution. Bottom line: I would recommend Greentree to anyone in search of a great carrier. They will get the job done.”

- Joel Rice, transportation manager

King Solutions, Inc.


Greentree is our top and best carrier.

“The entire staff is extremely reliable and knowledgeable. It’s a genuinely trustworthy company, which is huge in this industry. Once, we had an extremely hot load and one of Greentree’s drivers came out of home time early to deliver it for us. And that’s not the only time they’ve come through in a pinch. Greentree is constantly growing, as are we. We started with two to three loads per week with them, and now we’re at two to five loads per day. We couldn’t expand as quickly we have without Greentree. They have trucks everywhere.”

- Katie Smydra, national account manager

Coyote Logistics


Greentree Logistics has always been a preferred carrier for our freight.

Its equipment is well maintained and up-to-date, and its real-time tracking saves everyone time when checking the status of a load. There have been countless times when Greentree has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help cover a critical load, or meet an important customer request. Its dispatchers are extremely pleasant to work with and always responsive. We look forward to the continued growth of Greentree’s fleet so we can expand our business with them.”

- Brian Thompson, operations manager

Blue Line Logistics


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